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Add an average of $75,000 – $125,000 annually to your bottom line – often times even more!

the issue

Manufacturers are reimbursing dealers for their warranty parts and labor at a much lower rate than the law allows.  Typically, manufacturers reimburse their dealers at cost plus 40% but dealers have the potential of earning upwards of cost plus 90% back on warranty parts and labor.  Reimbursements average between $75,000 and $125,000 annually and, in many cases, even more!

why O’Connor & Drew, P.c?

• Over a decade of warranty parts and labor reimbursement analysis experience and more than 70 years of experience servicing automobile dealerships

• Fully dedicated staff who will work through all steps of the process -No outsourcing!

• We’ve already secured approvals for over 1000 dealerships and counting

• Flat Fee – no contingencies

• The cost of the service is typically recouped in less than 30 days

5 Most Common Myths about warranty parts and labor reimbursement

1. The result will have a minimal impact on my bottom line. Wrong! The vast majority of dealerships will receive an increase of at least $50,000 annually which pays for the cost of the analysis in about 30 days and serves as a perpetual revenue stream.

2. The manufacturer will seek retribution against me. Not true. We have been performing these analyses for a decade and we have seen no evidence of a manufacturer seeking direct retribution against a dealer.

3. MSRP and retail price are equal. MSRP is controlled by the manufacturer which is in many cases significantly less than retail price.

4. Manufacturers will refuse approval. At O’Connor & Drew, we are familiar with the laws and the manufacturing process which results in a high approval percentage.

5. Waiting is not costly. You are eligible for reimbursements now. Waiting keeps the money you deserve out of our your pocket. 

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Frank O'Brien CPA
Contact Frank O’Brien, Principal, by phone at 617-471-1120, via email at fobrien@ocd.com. In just a few minutes, Frank can provide you, free of charge, the potential annual benefit to your dealership.

If you choose to move forward, the fee is $6,750 per dealership per submission. You can’t go wrong! The cost is typically recouped in less than 30 days.

Warranty Parts and Labor Inquiry

Customer TestimonialS


Several years ago, I was a little hesitant when it came to warranty parts reimbursement.  I was under the assumption that the manufacturer would just reject my submission for a rate increase.  But Frank assured me that they will take the necessary steps to get it approved.  And he was right.  The process was quick and easy and well worth the cost.  I have not only used O’Connor & Drew for both my dealerships but also referred many of my fellow dealers to them.
Allen Turner

Owner, Allen Turner Hyundai

I highly recommend using O’Connor & Drew for Warranty Parts Reimbursement.  They made the process seamless and completed it very efficiently.  Frank and his team have been doing these for a long time and they know how to get it done.  Plus, I was confident in how thorough they were.  Not only did they handle the whole process from start to finish, they also gave us recommendations for ways to improve our rate going forward.

They are true professionals and expert in the field.

Maryann E. Kolb

President, Bill Kolb Jr Subaru

O’Connor & Drew does a great job with all my warranty parts and labor needs. We used them for the parts a few years ago and they raised the warranty mark-up to 99% at the other. Additionally, they have helped me submit for multiple labor rate increases over the same time. They used data analytics to ensure that we get the best possible rates. Dealing with the manufacturer on warranty parts reimbursement can be tricky and they have the experience to avoid any issues with the manufacturer.

Stephen Lannan

Owner, Chevrolet of Lowell Inc.

O’Connor Drew was referred to us by a member of our 20 Group and they did not disappoint. The entire process was really a breeze from start to finish. From the word go, Frank and team really took care of everything and completed the package to submit to the factory within a few weeks. They got me increases in both my parts and labor rates, adding thousands to my bottom line each month.
RC Rogers

General Manager, Zimmerman Honda


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