Join Us for our 4th Annual Meet the Firm Event

Candice M. Amaral, MBA

 Assistant Director of Professional Development

14 June 2019

Our firm prides itself on our exceptional client service which includes going above and beyond by providing our clients with what we consider to be “value-added services.” We believe that these value-added services are what sets us apart from our competitors.

In a prosperous economy, we’re not only competing with other firms for clients, but we’re also competing with them for personnel.
The most sought-after recruits have their choice
as to where they want to work and we want to be their choice.

We know that potential candidates are interviewing us just as much as we are interviewing them and candidates are looking at many different factors in determining their place of employment.

Therefore, our approach to recruiting is no different than our tactic to securing a new client
– we provide potential candidates with value-added service.  You’re probably thinking, how?
Well, we won’t give away all of our secrets; but we will let you in on a very important one by
providing some details on our annual Meet the Firm event.

Every September, we invite both recent college graduates and current accounting majors
to visit our firm and participate in the following career-building activities: resume editing,
professional headshots and mock interviews. In visiting our Braintree office, during the event, potential recruits also socialize with all levels of our professional staff, experience the culture of our office and learn about the various divisions of our firm: Audit, Tax, Forensics and Fraud Investigation, our IT Audit & Cybersecurity
division, OCD Tech, and more.

Our previous three Meet the Firm events have brought a combined total of 50+ potential candidates to our office and we’ve interviewed and hired several of these candidates for both
internship and entry-level positions.

One of most our most recent hires, Christopher Pastena from Bridgewater State University, is a candidate we met at our 2018 Meet the Firm event.  We recently asked Chris about his
experience at Meet The Firm. “I left the event with a feeling that this was a company that I definitely wanted to pursue any possible opportunity I was given. The staff and partners I met with were incredibly friendly and informative. I got the sense that this was a company that prioritized its employees and wanted to give them the best opportunity to succeed.  Looking back on it, deciding to attend
was probably one of the best decisions I have made to start my career.”

Attending Meet the Firm can result in candidates who may have never considered working at O’Connor and Drew to want a job here.  At the very least, this event is a more tangible impression of our firm and by just attending, candidates are given tools that are invaluable to their overall job search.  Dean Kosow, an audit senior here at O’Connor & Drew and graduate of Boston University, attended our first Meet the Firm event and note
that “attending was a great opportunity to get familiar with the firm opposed to just reading about O’Connor and Drew on the website. I
learned about the industries the firm specializes in, that I’d be exposed to both audit and tax – which most other firms don’t offer – and received useful feedback on how to improve my resume and interviewing skills.”

Our goal is for you to leave our Meet the Firm event feeling like you really met us – our firm. You might even learn a little bit more about yourself from our resume editing sessions or mock interviews.  Nonetheless, hopefully, attendees will consider applying for a position now or even set the groundwork to consider us in the future.

Our fourth annual Meet the Firm is going to be a 2-day event and is scheduled to be held on Thursday, September 12 from 4 pm – 6 pm and also on Friday, September 13 from 12 pm – 2 pm. Join us on either of these dates for the opportunity to learn and grow with our firm.