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For more information about services that we can provide specifically for real estate businesses, please call 617.471.1120.
With the cyclical ups and downs of the economy, the real estate industry is always facing critical challenges that need addressing in order to stay ahead of the curve. O’Connor & Drew, P.C. provides outstanding financial guidance, tax advice, and management support services to many real estate clients throughout New England. We can help you structure your purchase, review financing alternatives and sources, help ensure that you are maximizing your cash flow, and assist you with strategic tax planning when it comes time to sell your property.  Our expertise in the real estate sector allows us to advise you on such topics as project feasibility, potential tax credits and deductions, valuations, and 1031 exchanges of “like-kind” investment property. We provide assistance and advice on pertinent tax laws, including maximizing depreciation deductions through qualified cost segregation studies.

We are proud to say that we have real estate clients that go back over 30 years.  Our client relationships are extremely important to us.  We know your issues, we understand your needs, and we can provide the necessary client service that you expect and deserve.


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