Client-Service First: Exploring our Expanding Service Offerings for Dealerships

Tood Merriam CPA

John Daugherty-Dixon Director of Dealership Services

1 October 2020

One of the reasons that O’Connor & Drew (OCD) has been a leader in auto dealership accounting for over 70 years is because of our ability to customize our services to fit the unique needs of auto dealerships. As auto dealers can attest to, the industry has seen numerous changes over the years. One of the biggest areas of change is in the recruiting and hiring of full-time, part-time, and temporary staff who work in the accounting and back-offices of dealerships. The need to recruit, hire, and train these key staff members is one of the reasons that OCD has formed our Dealer Services Department.

 The Dealer Services Division of OCD is designed to provide support and services to any auto dealership that is in need of help with its accounting functions.

Our current list of comprehensive offerings include:

Long and Short-Term Staffing Solutions with Qualified Individuals with Years of In-House Dealership Work Experience – Vacations, FLMA, Unexpected Absences or Departures of the accounting staff.

Training Solutions – We can customize a training program for any skill level. This range includes training a new hire on the basics of automotive accounting to bringing a seasoned employee up to the next level to help the dealership grow and improve the accuracy and performance of the accounting office.

Basic Accounting Support – if your dealership has fallen behind due to COVID-19, general illness, a staffing shortage, an increase in business volume, or another issue – we can help bring the books and records up to date and design a plan to keep the dealership from getting behind again.

Perform an Operational Analysis – An operational analysis of the accounting department and the entire dealership from both an accounting and non-accounting point view will improve the flow of work and support a more positive customer experience in your dealership.

DMS Review – Are you getting the most out your DMS? Could you be getting more out of the DMS? Is this the right DMS for your dealership? Let us provide you with tips to help you get the most out of your current DMS  or suggest upgrade options that will pay you dividends year over year in the long-run.

Preparation of Lender Financial Packages – Looking for a new mortgage or floorplan relationship but have no time to prepare the package of information for the lender? We
can help.

Forecasting – where are you now and where do you want to be? How are you going to get where you want to be with your dealership? Without these metrics, achieving your goals is virtually impossible. We can help turn your dealership goals into action items and show you how to get there.

Expense Analysis – What are you really spending each month? Unless dealerships really look closely, they may be spending a lot more than they realize on things that are not needed. Let us help you add to your bottom line by cutting these unnecessary costs.

• Special Projects

• Move your Auto Group into Centralized Accounting.
• Reorganize the Accounting Department.
• Review and Automate your Bank Reconciliation Process
• Spot Review and Reconcile
• Floor Plan Statements
• Payroll Deductions for Benefits
• Cash Sales Schedule and the Deposit Process

One of the many strengths that OCD Dealer Services brings to our dealership clients is the flexibility of our Dealer Service Consultants that can work onsite with you and your staff or work remotely. Thanks to technology we can provide our services from any location which allows our consultants and your employees to practice social distancing but continue to be productive. Working remotely also allows us to review and reconcile without disturbing your dealership staff and daily operations.

Our Goal is Train Ourselves Out of Your Dealership!  OCD’s Dealer Services can provide solutions to any problem in your dealership with a customized plan to help you and your team move the dealership to the next level!

The OCD Dealer Services Division is staffed by auto dealership seasoned professionals who are former CFO’s/Controllers/Office  Managers with decades of large and small volume dealership experience. OCD has built our firm based on trust, integrity and is dedicated to putting the needs of our clients first. That is why OCD is excited to continue to expand our service offerings to auto dealerships.

Dealerships who do not continuously evaluate their business offices, update their accounting processes and procedures or plan for the future with their personnel are destined for turmoil and are stifling their growth and overall success. Let us help you and work with you on these issues.

Coming Soon for Dealer Service – the Virtual Office. Are you a single dealership? Are you looking to reduce your costs and/or outsource your Accounting Dept. Ask us how!  Let us help you take your dealership to the next level and set you up for success now and for  years to come.

For more information on what our dealership services team can do for your dealership, contact John Daugherty-Dixon by phone at 617.471.1120 or via email at

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