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Financial Statement Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

Whether you require a financial statement audit, review or compilation, O’Connor & Drew, P.C. will respond to your needs efficiently and cost effectively.  Our highly-experienced staff will cause minimal interruption of your staff’s daily activities.


An audit may be preferred by your creditors, investors, and other users of financial statements because it provides the highest level of assurance on a company’s statements.

A Review

A review of your financial statements, performed in accordance with the Standards for Accounting and Review Service issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, will satisfy many companies’ financial reporting requirements.

A Compilation

If the owners are involved in the operations and finances of the businesses and they do not require a high level of assurance, a compilation may be appropriate.

O’Connor & Drew, P.C. can help you decide which level of assurance is most appropriate for your needs. Then, by gaining a full understanding of your company’s financial reporting requirements and your preferences, we will present a clear professional recommendation in a timely manner. Please call 617.471.1120 to discuss your accounting and audit needs with one of our principals.