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Threats come from multiple sources: the insider employee or the outsider agents via the Internet. All software and hardware have inherent vulnerabilities. O’Connor & Drew, P.C. can test your security posture and provide you with the information needed to make appropriate decisions to mitigate risk, and decrease exposure to these threats.

Humans are still the weakest link in your layered IT defense.  Just as you should be regularly testing IT controls, you should include IT security awareness training.

Remind your employees to:

  • Never share passwords
  • Lock their screens when they walk away
  • Never click on links from unknown sources
  • Never insert an unknown USB or thumbdrive into their computer

Your IT team can only help to reduce the risk of so many threats; end users must do their part.  Consider evaluating your company’s security awareness level through survey or phishing exercise.

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Jenna McQuinn
Author: Jenna McQuinn
Jenna McQuinn is the Director of Marketing at O'Connor & Drew P.C, where she works to align the goals of the firm with consistent brand messaging. She previously worked as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager for several brands.