Automobile Dealerships

Automobile Dealership Experts
O’Connor & Drew’s Automobile Dealership Practice has been servicing the automobile dealership industry for over 60 years.  Our passion for automobile dealerships is the hallmark of our commitment to the industry. We have built our firm based on the trust and integrity we have earned from dealerships of all sizes throughout the country.

Most dealerships operate five to six business units under one roof. Each of these businesses: new vehicle sales, used vehicle sales, parts, services, body shop, finance and insurance, have a distinct set of complex challenges for the dealer that require specialized services.

Comprehensive Services
O’Connor & Drew offers a breadth of services and creative solutions to maximize business opportunities and solve specific problems, such as:

• Audit and Financial Reporting
• Taxation
• Forensic Audits
• Fraud Investigations
• Internal Audits (Department)
• Cash Audits
• Dealership Acquisitions
• Due Diligence
• Warranty Rate
• Reimbursement Submissions
• Parts Inventory Analysis and Reconciliation Training
• Safeguards and Red Flags Compliance Audits
• Estate and Succession Planning
• IT Audits
• IT Security Audits
• Valuations
• Bookkeeping

Committed. Proactive. Responsive.
Committed to providing first-rate proactive client services based on each automobile dealership’s complex needs. All client engagements are closely
supervised by one of our partners-in-charge who has the sophisticated knowledge and the in-depth understanding of automobile dealerships.

Partners work with a highly-experienced and well-trained team of audit, tax, and consulting professionals who are also specializing in automobile dealerships.

Contact any of our automobile dealership experts by phone at 617.471.1120 or reach out to one of our partners below via email to discuss how we may help your dealership succeed.

• Kevin J. Carnes, CPA, CVA
• Raymond E. Lofstrom, CPA
• Francis X. O’Brien II, CPA, CIA
• Michael Hammond, CISA, CRISC, CISSP